lunes, 18 de junio de 2012

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Various research has found a group of factors of risk, or circumstances, that make a person more prone to develop the tumor.

Age: the risk increases with age. Most breast cancers occur on the 50 years; the 60 risk is higher and is rare under age 35, although it is also possible.
Sex: women are more likely to develop breast cancer. Men may also experience, but the probability is one for every hundred females.
Family history: chances increase if a sister, mother or daughter has suffered this disease. In addition this risk rises if the family that has suffered from cancer has done prior to menopause, or if it has affected the two breasts.
Having suffered another cancer: the risk of breast cancer increases if it has suffered previously another cancer, especially ovarian or colon, or a lobular or ductal carcinoma in situ (two types of malignant tumor that appear in the lobes or in the ducts of the breast or mammary ducts). Another possible risk factor is a benign hyperplasia, a kind of not malignant tumor, which alters the tissue of the breast.
Late menopause (after age 55). Not having children, or the first delivery from age 30.
Environmental factors: it is investigating the possible influence of pesticides, pollutants or electromagnetic fields in food and water.
Lifestyle: some studies have found a possible link between alcohol consumption and the development of breast cancer.
Obesity: Despite not having any definitive scientific observation, many researchers suggest that follow a diet low in fat and rich in fruits and vegetables, as well as physical exercise on a regular basis can help prevent the onset of breast cancer.
Stress: An active life to excessive limits is not convenient or beneficial. Lead a stressful life is harmful to health and can therefore favour the appearance of diseases
THS: Some researchers indicate that from age 10 with therapy hormone replacement (HRT) can increase the risk of cancer, while others emphasize that no matter how time has taken in the past, as there is the risk of cancer among the following hormone therapy, not between that followed her in the past.

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