lunes, 18 de junio de 2012

Types of Breast Cancer

Not all packages that appear in the breast are a symptom of cancer. In fact, nine out of every ten lumps are benign. These non-cancerous lumps may be fibrosis or tumors of connective and glandular, fabric or cysts or fluid-filled bags. Benign tumors of breast (fibroadenomas) do not constitute a danger to life, generally easy treatment. The main type of breast cancer is adenocarcinoma, which is produced in glandular of any part of the body tissues. Specific breast tumors are:
Ductal carcinoma
(located in the ducts). The ductal cancer in situ fits into the lactiferous, or breast ducts through which the milk reaches the nipple. If untreated, it can spread beyond the breast ducts and cause metastasis. That is why it is very important to detect its presence, in time to prevent progression to cancer. This detection can only be done through specific, such as a mammogram testing, since that in situ carcinoma does not usually produce no symptoms. The invasive ductal carcinoma or infiltrating invades the fatty tissue of the breast, from one of the ducts. The invasive carcinoma is the most frequent cancers of breast; It is approximately 80 per cent of all those who produce.
Lobular carcinoma and lobular
. This type is lobular carcinoma in situ, also called lobular neoplasia. Invasive lobular carcinoma following the same process of filtration that the invasive ductal carcinoma into the adipose tissue, but from the lobules.
Inflammatory breast cancer
: less frequent. It's a very aggressive cancer that grows fast. It is called inflammatory because the cancer cells block the lymph vessels, and this manifests itself in the skin, which acquires a thick and cupped, appearance resembling an orange peel.

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